Another Go

It was kind of like fog in a vacuum
Without a canister surrounding it
So that the vacuum had no ends
(Was it more of a medium?).
Phenomena, like rats, were scuttling through it -
I shooed myself through to the end I invented,
Through the fog that wasn't fog
To the black I didn't let be
Blacker than I was.
(I wore a kind of back-lit transparency.)

And THEN the static,
The crackling chokehold,
The sense that inversion denied, plus outside kept out, would equal
Some sort of delivery.

Now back to what WAS my threshold.
If the ceiling is cracked and lets light in,
But it's thin to begin with and the cracks kind of pretty,
But it's dark out,
Is the cell the room, or the room-in-the-crack,
Or does the light somehow claim the place of the cell?
Can the crack claim to trap if it's also a tunnel?

(The serum can move, but it's viscous. How much
Time DOES the synapse
Get to prove it's magnetic?
Made mine?)


(Written in 2007)