Welcome to the 35th incarnation of Emmalee.com!

Saddest of all words are these,
she might have been.
(G. Stein)

If you happen to stumble upon this site, know that it encompasses for its designer a great deal of (recently neglected, never forgotten) growth and exploration. This website began in 1999 as a simple poetry page, intended to display my poetry and others'. Since then, the site's gone through several changes, expanding and contracting in breadth and level of interactivity depending on my capabilities, contacts, and interests.

For many years, working on Emmalee.com provided me with a huge outlet for expression -- an unparalleled place and space where I could engage the world while making it my own. More recently, as I've matured into a busier, more distracted person and developed different habits, this site has rested somewhat quietly by itself. Nevertheless, I still think of it as the cumulative result of my efforts on the web, concentrated today in a single page with remnants of sites past. Humor the content that's outdated, if you will, and focus on what's fresh.

My interest in writing and acting has led me, here as in the real world, to fill this website with drop after drop of my creative juices, often whittled down and edited, sometimes deleted for privacy's sake, always shared in the hopes of leaving a mark. I am constantly inspired by those around me and hope to affect others in some way with my creations -- particularly my writing. I'll say now what I said when I first started this site: if you have any feedback on the pieces posted here, any questions about the site, or any suggestions for reading, I invite you to share your thoughts with me.

Thank you for visiting my section of the web. If you're on your way out, I hope you've enjoyed what's here -- now go forth in curiosity.

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