The Triumph of Jack Frost

When winter froze over, the leaves shriveled up
And the earth was nullified

When winter froze over, I swore the grass would turn to ice
I said the wind would sweep the trees
And leave the acorns lonely
And the branches swaying softly,

When the bitter air descended and the clouds took throne
I warned the losing little squirrels
I whistled to the birds
I told them soon the night would bite

When winter froze over, even I—
The unicorn—
I was lost in the storm.

I watched quietly
Numb and hushed
As the ice closed in on one man's land
As it closed in
It closed

When winter froze over, I screamed to the north
But my lips would barely part
I motioned to the fireplace
Salted the chimney,
Set the snow ablaze
I ran in five wool layers to the nearest metal pole
And I tried to send my message
Hitch a ride for my warm breath

But I, the herald sent, even I
With running tears, I,
So desperate, couldn't stop the gale

When winter froze over, I ran to stop the bells from ringing
Still the cool clang drowned me out.


(Written in 2002)